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Company Overview

Sunrix solar company profile

Sunrix solar is a brand of Saintley Sonne India Pvt. Ltd. aims to generate energy for the future by the daylight. Solar power is the endless source of energy for the future. We set global standards in achieving the electric power from solar energy 

As a photovoltaic system manufacturer and trader we develop, plan, build and operate utility-scale, commercial and industrial photovoltaic plants. As an EPC contractor specializing in the design and execution of solar power plants, Sunrix Solar places special focus on the “ The best time and affordable budget” construction and delivery of solar power plants, optimized to deliver superior output.

We believe quality is the most prominent characteristic of any product we market, followed by design, manufacturing process and architecture. We provide the quality assurance and the aftersales service since we started serving.

Our Strengths
  • The Quality of all our products and the After-Sales service we provide.
  • A strong and reliable R&D department which fosters improvisation and innovation.
  • A trusted and dedicated sales team acting as a catalyst to ensure better service to the channel sales network.
  • A strong All-India Dealer network which is building our Brand Value ever since we anticipated.
  • Enriched by the Govt.of India initiative of MAKE IN INDIA to a new enthusiasm.

Our Promise

Sun is the natural source of plentiful renewable energy of our planet.
We are devoted to building a sustainable
world empowered by the sun.
We promises to render our generations
with a new way of Green and Clean technology.

Why we should go for solar energy

Generation of solar Energy, especially from solar photovoltaics is proven as a clean and green energy technology which draws upon the planet’s never renewable energy source – the sun. Direct conversion of sunlight to electricity occurs without any moving parts or environmental emissions during operation. Hence, it is maintenance free and generates no pollution. Increased the reliability and efficiency of solar PV systems and installations along with the cost effectiveness and continuous advancement in technology. Besides, financial incentives from the government by way of subsidies and net metering have supported and encouraged solar PV installations in a big way.

Our Team


Sunrix enforces to make a difference to the lives of all its employees, customers, and to the environment and society. We focus on learning and are proud of our work culture that creates accountability, customer focus, and business excellence. Working for a fulfilling light energy around everywhere contributing our knowledge, experience and time for a good cause... Joining people to our works from the soil of our villages to the modernise peoples providing an enriching experience at sunrix solar. Being a part of the renewable energy revolution and a more sustainable tomorrow. We are working with a determined team who think out of the box, who are honest to the face and compassionate. We don’t beat around the bush and we love the direct approach. Besides that, Solar being a fast grooming industry, every day is a fresh challenge, which always brings out the best of your capabilities to serve our enviroment, associates and customers At sunrix solar each team member is working for the betterment of society and getting an opportunity to grow to their full potential in an encouraging environment. We are here with best of your talents, nurturing our surroundings with solar energy and serving sun’s blessings.

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